The Hoxton, Shoreditch 

You’re eyeing up a weekend away in London because you want to make the most of 2017 and you’re trying to find a hotel, motel, holiday innnnn?


As a birthday present to Hannah, I booked and paid for a winter weekend in London, including a two night stay at The Hoxton, Shoreditch. I had seen and heard good things about the Hoxton, but had never been before and I saw this as the perfect opportunity to change that.

the hoxton hotel shoreditch

I love hotels because they provide everything that your teenage self wanted; you don’t have to make the bed, you get your very own TV, PLUS, there is someone who can bring you breakfast in bed. Actually, scrap the teenage part, I still want that!

Knowing our first full day was a busy one, we didn’t hold back on the breakfast in bed option. A relaxing way to start a busy day. When you think of room service you kind of expect below restaurant quality. THIS WAS NOT.

We needed the ripest avocados to celebrate the weekend, fresh eggs to give us strength for the day ahead and soft bread to act as a canvas to display this breakfast masterpiece. We got all this and more, simply delicious. Big blogger cliché points to us.

the hoxton hotel shoreditch

In case you’re not a breakfast in bed person, shock-horror, one neat feature available to all hotel guests is the free light breakfast bag.

The bag, which includes a banana, granola, yogurt & fresh orange juice, is left hanging outside your room at a time of your choice. Sure, it won’t keep you going for long, but when paired with a cuppa joe, it’s enough to get you out of the room and into the city.

The hotel is just over a ten minute walk from Liverpool Street, close enough to walk, close enough to convince yourself that a taxi or Uber wouldn’t break the bank either.

The ground floor of the hotel is LIVELY. No longer does turning in for the night also mean missing out. Apple Macs are on offer, not looking out of place adjacent an exposed brickwork wall. The Hoxton Grill is a bar and restaurant also on the ground floor, serving food from 7am to midnight and drinks until 2am.

It’s not only the convenience, but also the quality of what is on offer downstairs that draws you in. Why stagger unnecessarily around town when everything you need is a couple of floors below your bed?

The rooms are modern and stylish, yet do not stray away from the idea of a traditional hotel room too much. You don’t have to do everything via iPad or slide the bed out with a remote control. Your gran could turn up and manage to work it all out.

The basics haven’t been missed either. Fresh milk and water is left in the fridge on a daily basis and the wi-fi is free. You’ll also find toiletries in the bathroom and gorgeous mugs that are oh so tempting to take. Should I say that?

Upon checkout, we must have looked weary after a weekend jam packed with food & drink, as we were offered bottled water for our journey ahead. A small touch, but one that encapsulated the cool & down to earth vibes that radiate the place. It’s just water after all.

Most importantly, would I go back to The Hoxton? HELL YEAH.


  1. January 5, 2017 / 9:24 am

    This place sounds amazing! Sophie x

  2. January 5, 2017 / 12:49 pm

    THIS PLACE <3 the mirrors, the mugs, the avo on toast! Looks increds, what a special birthday weekend for the lovely HG. Also, I will have Pitbull in ma head aaaall day now. Chrz Chris lol. Happy New Year by the way! Immy x

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