Summer Trip To NYC

Are you paying New York a summer visit and don’t know what to expect or how to prepare? Having recently been once in May & once in June here’s the everything you need to know.

It’s going to be hot, probably between 20-30 degrees, sometimes hotter. It’s so hot you will want to rock beachwear but the fact that New Yorker’s are still walking around in jeans makes you feel like an idiot.

Make the most of your hotel room. If your nearby drop some stuff off, pick up a drink, take a midday shower. If you feel like you have to be on it 24/7 you will not last more than a couple of days. Regular breaks will keep you on track.

The subway is your friend. An unlimited 7 day ticket is $31 and is worth every cent. The subway trains have aircon which is an absolute blessing. And don’t worry, even with a subway ticket you will be doing plenty of walking. Subway stations aren’t as common as you’d think, but the unlimited ticket is well worth it.

If the subway is your friend, make Über an acquaintance. The app is easy to use, not living in London the first time I used it was in NYC. Sometimes you’ll be in a rush, 15 minutes from the nearest subway station and the place you want to get to is another 15 minutes at the other end. That is prime Über territory, especially when it’s hot hot hot. Just be sensible with it and use it at the right times and the right places. After all, there is no point paying to sit in traffic.

Embrace the juice vendors. Number 4 is a heavenly melon juice mix. I say number 4 because they all seem to have a list, the exact same list. It’s 3 different types of melon blended up to create the most refreshing drink known to man.

Central Park is BIG, the largest city park in the world. Bear that in mind when you fancy a stroll on a hot day. Maybe check out a map first, otherwise you might not make it out alive. The entrances and exits aren’t always where you would expect them to be.

Despite the lazy temptation try not to eat your main meal in Times Square or on 5th Ave. Get yourself down to Chelsea, Greenwich, Soho or maybe Little Italy. It’s a lot more chill with a laid back dinner vibe and there are so many options. A lot of the restaurants have outside seating so you can make the most of the cooler evenings. It might mean a short ride on the subway but you’ll find yourself in foodie heaven.

Once the novelty of Times Square wears off you’ll realise it’s a fucking nightmare. I mean it’s a must visit and you’ll enjoy it on the first day. Then you start to question why there are so many people and why is there always roadworks happening. (Will they ever finish it?). After a few days you’ll probably avoid it all together.

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