NYC: Things To Do

Welcome to New York! Welcome to New York!

So I say things to do, this is actually very specific to the things me and Hannah did. I’m not really talking about the typical touristy places either, mainly because I visited those last year. If that’s what you’re looking for though, my advice is to get a CityPass and make the most if it. It comes with tickets to all the main attractions and helps you jump a queue or two.

Coney Island 

Coney Island is an hour away from Manhattan on the subway. Thanks to the coastal location its slightly cooler than the city, which is absolutely bloody refreshing. It’s really easy to get to and you’ll probably only have to change trains once or twice.

coney island beach new york sky

I don’t know what I was expecting but I kind of thought it was a fun fair, which happened to be close to a beach. In actual fact the beach was the main attraction; clean sand, clean water and full of peeps. The locals came very well prepared with towels, drinks & food to last all day, hitting high beach levels.

new york coney island beach summer

I kid you not, there was a chilled out sexy beach vibe similar to Magaluf, but also a cool American vibe similar to The O.C. It’s a healthy break from the city which can be intense at times. My advice is to forget your in New York and pack for a proper day out at the beach.

Get A Tattoo

That’s right, get inked, bud. I was toying with the idea for a while. The tattoo urge comes in waves and quite often you can just ride it out and forget about it. My biggest fear is a poorly executed tattoo, which usually holds me back.


This time I done my research and found a studio called Allied Tattoo based in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It came with sound recommendations and a cool Instagram feed so I sent the studio a few emails explaining what I wanted. In fact, more than a few.

tattoo allied world earth black white

The artist on the day was Noel, who specialises in detailed black and grey tattoos. I wanted something detailed yet minimal and I think he nailed it. Check out his insta here. He was a pretty cool guy and done a great job. Thanks Noel!

black white tattoo earth globe

The studio was the coolest and cleanest tattoo studio I’ve been in, which was instantly comforting. Granted, I’ve only been in a few. I was in and out in a couple of hours with the best souvenir, ever.

Helicopter Tour

Hannah managed to arrange a last minute helicopter tour of Manhattan thanks to ATD attractions and it was FANTASTIC. If you don’t go for my tattoo recommendation then please, please, please give this a go.

helicopter new york city

I’ve never been in a helicopter before, or even a smallish plane, which made it extra exciting. There were six passengers as well as the pilot, who gave the tour and explained what we were seeing. We had to wear headsets and I desperately wanted to call the pilot Maverick but i’m sure he’s heard that a million times.     

manhattan skyline new york city

We were in the sky for about twenty minutes, which is more than enough time to see everything. We circled the statue of liberty before heading up the Hudson River and back again. Having previously been up the Statue of Liberty and Rockefeller Center I can confirm the views were 10000000 times better in the air.


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