Top 4 Netflix Documentaries

Documentaries are awesome. You are being entertained and learning something new at the same time. Plus the real life aspect adds another dimension. However, it can be difficult to find a good documentary when you want one. Sometimes the title sounds dull but the documentary is brilliant. Sometimes, more annoyingly, it is the other way around. So, here are my top 4 Netflix documentaries I have recently watched. Blackfish Released in 2013,…

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Top 3 Brunches in Suffolk

1. Pump Street Bakery, Orford Pump Street Bakery is a small family owned bakery and café in Orford, Suffolk. They have a sweet cafe menu, baked goods to take away and award winning chocolate. I have been to Pump Street bakery only twice, mainly due to the 40 minute drive. If it was closer I would be a more frequent visitor, maybe even a tenant. BUT, it has made a big impression…

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