Love Is Cats, Pizza & NYC

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, a PERFECT opportunity is approaching to be deliberate and intentional with your affections. In a world where anger and hate is grabbing all the headlines, we can restore the balance by putting love at the forefront, even if just for one day.

Now, would you like any bread to dip in all that gooey and warm CHEESE?

Seriously though, Valentine’s Day is often brushed aside, labelled as a commercial holiday. But it’s not like we have so much appreciation in the world, so much love, that Valentine’s Day is just a step too far. In fact, I would argue to the contrary.

Valentine’s Day is a reminder to slow down, to forget about work, to stop yearning for that which is just out of reach. It’s a reminder to show appreciation for what you do have by giving it your undivided attention, which is why I was inspired by’s recent #LoveIsReal campaign. The aim of the campaign is to encourage the celebration of unique relationships through contemplation and thoughtful gift giving.

In this crazy world we have built for ourselves, Valentine’s Day is NEEDED.

So… this one is for you Hannah Gale

I met Hannah in Shoreditch. She will tell you I attempted to impress her with dance floor yoga moves and Jager bombs. My argument is that the yoga built up a thirst and the Jager bombs quenched it. Why was there yoga at all? Who knows. But she obviously saw a downward facing dog that she liked the look of.

Since then, we’ve been through all the classic stages of a relationship. From the ‘let’s go out and get drunk every time we see each other’ stage, to the ‘I don’t actually like going out. Takeaways are life’ stage, finally with the most recent stage being ‘should we buy a house together?’.

We’ve become a team. A wolf pack. Our wolf pack is forever growing in strength, and numbers, thanks to the cats Rudey and Granger. To remind Hannah that she is a big part of our wolf pack, lucky girl, I’ve bought her a personalised gift for Valentine’s Day that is symbolic of everything we hold dear, from

breakfast in bed flatlay

The Love Is Plate, which has been carefully personalised with the message ‘Love is Cats, Pizza & NYC’, has been designed to remind her of the highs we experienced in NEW YORK CITY; the comfort that our CATS bring us on a daily basis, as well as the comfort we bring to them; and finally, the knowledge that no matter what happens in the outside world, I’ll be waiting with PIZZA to celebrate her victories or to commiserate her falls.

breakfast plate food

The plate is accompanied by a personalised mug and is part of’s Love Is Real collection. Head over to Twitter and share your #LoveIsReal moment, tagging @notonthehighst, for a chance to win £150 to find your loved one a unique, thoughtful gift.

I wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day and encourage you even more to make it special for your loved ones. Too much is taken for granted in this world and all too often we don’t know until it’s gone.


  1. February 1, 2017 / 9:37 am

    May have welled up a little in my over emotional state today. Gorgeous plate Chris, you’ve really inspired me for Valentines Day this year!
    Peta x

  2. February 1, 2017 / 11:09 am

    This was so, so lovely! You and Hannah make such a great couple. The plate is such a great little idea for Valentines day as well!

    Lynnsay x

  3. February 2, 2017 / 10:12 am

    Aww you cutie! Even if you ran out of syrup so covered your pancakes in honey which Hannah doesn’t actually like! 😉 Enjoyed the behind the scenes info from her weekly vlog! Happy V-Day to you both! Alice xxx

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