Dissertation Writing Tips

Some of you may have noted a lack of blog posts coming from www.christopher-george.co.uk. That’s because it’s dissertation season. Thankfully I made it through and here are my stress-reducing tips to writing a dissertation.

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Get Ahead

Upon finishing your penultimate year at uni, you will have an opportunity to brainstorm dissertation topics over the summer. USE THIS TIME WISELY. Don’t go crazy, just do enough to get ahead. You will thank yourself in the long run, because any time you save early on can be used when it really matters. When you’re pulling your hair out, whilst considering a change of degrees.


It’s a full scale cliché, BUT, failing to plan really is planning to fail. Your plan doesn’t have to be detailed. It doesn’t even have to be written down. It just NEEDS to be considered. Plan for the worst case and predict when you are due to finish. Then work back from there. Check out this post for productivity tips.

Write. Write. Write.

Writers will say, a first draft of any text should not be seen by anyone. This is because the text is in it’s most raw form. You will need to go through a process of deliberation and editing to make it a well defined piece of work. SO, when you’ve got ten, fifteen or even twenty thousand words to write, start by WRITING ANYTHING. You’ll see instant progress and have time to cut the crap later.

Stay Calm

The amount of time you CAN find when you really need it is AMAZING. Staying up an hour later and working at the weekends really does make a big difference. If you think you’re not as far as you should be, DON’T WORRY. You can turn it around. Revise your plan and stick to it.

Bring It Together

The final touches are time consuming. From connecting dissertation sections to inserting a table of figures to binding. LEAVE ENOUGH TIME. Maybe a week. Everything takes longer when you’re in a hurry, annoyingly.

And Always Remember

You Got This!

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