Thriva: Track & Improve Your Health

From heart rate monitors to Bluetooth scales, the options available to help us track our health and fitness are endless. Good news if we want to live a healthier and longer life. Bad news for our bank accounts.

(By the way, THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST, it’s an unbiased review of something that has the potential to improve your health, and at the very least, track it).

Thriva: What is it?

Thriva offers a home based blood test service, which they claim will empower people to proactively manage their health. The idea being, you make subtle changes to your diet and lifestyle based on the results of your blood tests, to stay healthy.

Thriva is designed to be an early warning system, an indication of what is happening inside of you. In theory, this allows us to blissfully stay on the right side of healthy, instead of rushing to the doctors only once we become ill.

thriva blood test health kit

Thriva: How does it work?

Before you can order your test online, you have to create a Thriva account and fill in some basic information, including height, weight etc. There are a choice of tests, one subscription based and six individual one-off tests. Of course, the subscription based test, known as Baseline, can be cancelled or delayed. I’m sure you know the score.

I’m planning on doing two Baseline tests, which includes cholesterol, irons levels, liver function and vitamin D. It’s essentially an all rounder. The first test will give me a starting point and the second test will indicate any improvements.

When it arrives, the elegant packaging includes everything you need, including the all-important instructions. Collecting the blood sample is easy and involves a spring loaded lancet so you never even see a needle. It is advised the test is completed between Monday & Friday and posted the same day to ensure it arrives at the lab as soon as possible.

thriva blood test health kit

Thriva: The Results

I received an email from Thriva one to two days after posting my sample, to confirm the lab had received my results and another email to say my results were ready to view online. All I had to do was simply log in.

The results are displayed in a very user friendly way. Each result is explained and overall recommendations are made by a Thriva doctor, such as improving the quality of your diet or exercise.

You see average levels of each result, such as cholesterol levels, and can compare your result against that. Each result can fall into one of two zones, the yellow zone means improvement is needed, the green zone means you are A-OK.

thriva blood test health kit

Thriva: Pros:

  • The whole process is quick, really quick. It shouldn’t take any longer than a week from ordering a test to receiving the results.
  • It’s convenient, unlike going to the doctors. There is no need to arrange an appointment by phone, no need to get permission to leave work and finally, no need to travel to the doctors.
  • It’s preventative. Why wait to feel ill before you make a lifestyle change?

Thriva: Cons:

  • The Baseline test costs £49.00 per test, although you can get £10 off if you follow this link. Some people will see this as a deal breaker. I say, it’s a small price to pay for potential long-lasting health benefits, especially when that £49.00 will probably be wasted elsewhere anyway.
  • The recommendations based on the results have a generic feel. I guess, to make the whole process so speedy, some automation has to take place.

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